Everything weighs so much.

Who told us to pick it up?

Some things should be pushed, pulled, and rolled.

Some stress is just excess thoughts one holds… or that hold one like a home.

Moving companies and Theater companies come to mind…

Set pieces and furnishings… from state to state or stage to stage…

When it’s time…

When it’s time…

When isn’t it time?

It isn’t what you carry.

It’s how you carry it.

Imagine a pebble in your shoe.

Imagine a mosquito in the recording booth.

The whine of wings is like feedback.

We fly for blood kin…

Still we really need that.

Momentum and memories…

Corroboration; shared stories…

No guts no glory…

The cuts get gory…

The deeper we go…

The sleeper we hold must awaken.

We must awaken.

Caffeine is both super-hero and villain.

Passion though…

Wait… All that is a matter of opinion.

Different strokes… Different folks…

Differing quotes…

What does your heart say?

Put the beats on everything that threatens your heartspace…

Everything is a nail to a hammer.

Not true… sometimes it’s a gavel.

Is your headspace your heart’s face?

Are some thoughts just artifice to save grace from doing her job of smoothing out the roughness of ego’s abruptness in perverting and corrupting perspective and judgment?

Patience and discernment is a must kid.

“Don’t beat up yourself so.”

“Love is among.”

Salute to Vaughn Benjamin.

I don’t know if this is an ending or a beginning.

Thus is the nature of a healing.

Selah…asé… I see through the ceiling.

Ascending… whether sitting, standing, laying, or kneeling…

Gratitude… for being…

Gratitude… for everything.

Dai-ikiru Akasha Maximillion

(Errol “Moxie” Percival Jr.)



This isn’t that.
I’m risking no map…
to charge the uncharted undaunted.
Not for finger snaps or claps…
This is for all my marbles.
This is for resolve and unresolved childhood… and adulthood foibles.
Wisdom cost me a lot.
It was barely affordable.
I’m not trying to be deep.
I never do.
This is just how I bleed.
My blood is forever blue.
Blood is not thicker than ice… or land.
That’s something I once wished I never knew.
But it’s too late to take another route and my plan is to continue stepping through.
No need to choose between mundane and mystical.
No need to be bruised at ego level.
Misunderstanding comes with this territory.
Miss Nina knew… or should have too.
I watch things go left… and come undone like shoelaces I have no time or authority to tie.
They’re not my shoes.
I know my own heart.
I’m through with abuse.
I’m through with being pulled and pushed.
I’m moved by what’s within.
So I keep it clean and raise my chin.
I won’t be the reason that I lose again.
You either with me or against me yo.
On some Jay Rock and K. Dot
Jay and Mavado…
I’m humble but I’m fly though.
I have no idols or rivals.
I’m focused on thriving not just survival.
I’m coming to dinner.
Prepare for my arrival.

Daiikiru Akasha Maximillion
(Errol “Moxie” Percival Jr.)


My soul is swollen.
Like a door…
saturated with the proceeds from a floodgate of fears and tears thrown wide at a missing mark.
Ode to the sound of a hissing spark.
Doused by the waters 0f life that sometimes rise above nostrils…
But not eyes…
Not eyes… eyes that have it and never lie…
Truth is habit.
None of us should break it.
We already did the first time we chose fear over love.
Sometimes a clever mind is a tethered mind.
(That smarts.)
Perhaps the forever mind is a feathered mind…
(That tickles.)
that flies out of the dumps.
And leaves the land filled with chumps
For champsville…
where puddles are filled of sweat of dedication.
and the children don’t splash in them out of respect… for cause and cost…
where facades aren’t protected and perfected and preferred over elbow greasing and polishing the flaws…
where self-loathing doesn’t lead the lost… to be frozen in time…
Lest we forget… our soles alone touch earth when we stand…
The rest of us is suspended in and permeated by heaven.
The heavens are anywhere above the ground…
Prana is panacea and ambrosia.
The swelling has gone down as the sun comes “up”.
We won… and will continue to win beyond what felt like but wasn’t the end.


Daiikiru Akasha Maximillion
(Errol “Moxie” Percival Jr.)


Denoted in demotion of theirs from precedence over ours…
Deference over hours spent locked into another’s paradigm of pursuit lost in the shuffle that is sacred dance to divine drum.
The knowing erupts.
The veil self destructs.
Meditativeness pervades.
Grace predates all teaching tales.
The wild sage is the template for the contained ones.
The ruler rulers…
The deceivers for the greater good.
The draped ones.
The robed in ritual.
The fake ones.
The holy rollers for a check.
The hangers on.
The blood sippers.
The energy harvesters.
The end of time harbingers.
Those who never ask what that even means.
I quest and query.
Inquest inner depths and my surface reaps goosebumps.
Visceral fear that time the tightrope as safety net will forsake me and leave me to the gaping maw of the abyss of eternity and I will have to truly be God… Power is responsibility.
Powerlessness is the result of blame and scapegoats.
Powerlessness is not knowing what you came for…
or knowing and being too afraid to do it due to adherance to what you are faithful but just isn’t for you.
It is for your warden.
You beg for pardons.
Rejects from gardens.
The weakest
The fallen…
Y’all better get up…
The fight is just starting.
We’re warriors darling.
Mark us more than words.
More than swords…
More than spears…
More than war paint and battle cries
More than our fears.
More than…
What they told us our limits were.
We choose what our limits are.
Wake up and live you mighty people…
Learn from Marcus and Bob…
But erect no idols…
to shade your kingdom from the sun.
The time to hide in the shadows is done.
We all are the one.