in turmoil i reside
and attempts to turn the tide
result in more despite…
so i turn my eyes inside
and play leaned to the right
no more returning vibes
i shall generate
no anger no ego
no answer to evil…
fire and fire continue to burn
tired so tired of feeling concerned
for eggshells and egg crates
and handbaskets and last straws…
i’m free of those
i declare it so
no expectation or hope
i’m gonna live the life destined for me
no response to waving your weapons at me
dreams for me are still within reach
so extend my hand i must
and as i make my thrust
to forsake the rust
at the bottom of the steel drum
where it seems i was pushed
But i actually stepped
i shake off all doubts
and embrace my breath
focused i stay…
Errol Percival Jr.(Daiikiru Akasha Maximillion)


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