3V (TV) Veterinarian Veteran Vegetarian

3V (TV) Veterinarian Veteran Vegetarian
morning time
some relate to mourning time
adding the you
ego in truth
but light comes one’s way in the morning
and one awakens with a dawning
inspiration for writing or drawing
from ones inner well
where wellness dwells
before one remembers the spell
that was cast on one in the jail
that hammers in mental coffin nails
these institutions that intentionally fail
yet teach one how not to fail at being what one is not…
a slave to the clock
shackled to the tics and tocks
racing to a date with a box
pacing walking forever in thoughts
silence and sanity the cost
violence and apathy are taught
and frowned on till there’s war to be fought
for dollar respect or resource
none of it yours yet you accrue the loss
of sleep… of innocence
traumatized and penitent
ostracized and indigent
prosthetics and political impotence
homeless invisible
until granted by those who bear crosses for power
usurping ours
uncertain hours
un-curtained showers
exposed and devoured
animals caged so they cringe and cower
cannibalistic capitalistic state stasis
matrix batteries wasted
politicians are pigs stuffing their faces
planting bodies instead of vegetation
creating seedless fruit Free farming elimination
educated brutes soon will charge for ventilation
as they smother us all apocalyptic asphyxiation revelation
hannibal lecture Orwell and silent lambs
chops licked chop sticks the song that never ends
one nine eight fours fortitude that we paid for
big brother our piece keeper police state law
don’t dare touch that dial stay poor
open up fiery hydro vials numb the pain more
or feel it reveal it and relate more
placated elated by the crumbs of freedom
later on deflated when the rum and weed’s done
this is no pedestal or soapbox that i speak from
our comforts sometimes are what we’re weak from
especially when imbibed with escape as the reason
there is no escape security blankets change not seasons
this neither condemns nor condones
the hive is immense so there must be some drones
but labels fade with time
ever changing signs
signals from divine
inspirational chimes
and even if one reclines
keep Chakras aligned
and straightened…
stand straightened…
raise fists or raise hands
resist or question this strange land
clear the mental runway where the plains land
become children again amongst the maize plants
and see cowboy and indian as the same man
the latter misnamed but my gist hasn’t changed
in india cows are held sacred hence the saying
Sacred cows
some scoff and scowl at non-violent vegetarian vows
denying the clarity and vitality a live diet endows
or the pain and suffering of cattle, pigs, and fowls
in concentration factories that do our “dirty work” for us
where ill treated fodder sing a grisly chorus
i’m appalled by our gall
we’re abusive when power falls
into our hands selfish wolfish paws
that we dirty in attempts to keep clean
straightened wool
wonder what that sheep’s seen
to scare it straight
was it a former fleecing
brain washing is a form of policing
sick sick sick how we let the beast in
and we’re sick sick sick from eating what their feeding
on platters and plasmas
fantastic fantasy fantabulous
bubbly carbonated artificial flavored copies
buy products brand name cola leaves tears of the poppies
Jane Doe Magdalene eyes half closed forgetful
empty bottles keep that cup full
go full throttle drink up that bull
watch me toggle their input null
sit in silence with an empty skull
hoe ratio no simple ton
quote Plato or Maximillion
thoughts like Sun Tzu’s or Machiavellian
the great Lao Tzu or Ueshiba and his sons
much respect but I release all of them
in favor of silence and falling deep within
the well that I spoke of two lines before ten
Errol Percival Jr. (Daiikiru Akasha Maximillion