Morning Joy

the morning comes, along with it joy

stemming directly from gratitude employed

for even the tears of the night before

ebbs and flows of life neither one deplore

joy comes calling upon the receptive

who thankfully daily rise irrespective

of their daily trails due to perceptive perspective

and vision of life not needing corrective

lenses to bend this reality to fit

fantasy when it fits perfectly like this

all things are transitional whether pedestal or pit

as well as complementary hence foolishness and wit

i say all of that to simply say this

it’s not just the experience but our responsiveness to it

joys are sweetened by troubles while struggle inspires true grit

either way…

keep a smile in your heart and a twinkle in your eye

a song on your breath and a melody in your mind

don’t dare forget that inner light that shines

illuminates ones way and ripens grapes on the vine  

within one’s vineyard which yields contributory wine

a worthy libation gracing tables where we dine

on the bitter and the sweet

the savory seasoned meat

where the sharing of a meal makes every dish a treat

for those with appreciation for both wakefulness and sleep…

Errol Percival Jr. (Daiikiru Akasha Maximillion)


Rain Drop

breathe on the dice
believe what you like
as for me into the stream i will dive
for no particular purpose
except it feels like its right
to explore the depths
accessible to me at anytime
and in any place
to take me away
from the confines of time and space
to the simple essence
the lines from which i’m traced
and colored in by interaction
with the creations of my race
then framed and hung
in the gallery for all to judge love or hate
so i think it’s only right that i seek my other face
the one behind the additives
the one i didn’t make
the one that can’t be distinguished
like a single drop of rain
hurtling to fruition
without fear of dissolution
it is what it does
what it does is its fate
serene and resting
like a mountain
the well spring of life
love’s fountain
drop three coins
cease your counting
and plotting and efforts to
control outcomes through aggression
sit at the feet of your innate divinity
silence is the lesson
Errol Percival Jr.

Unfolding Dream Inception

black white and blue…

Yin Yang and the water…

absence and abundance of hue

no one without the other

unified and suggestive of form

so beautiful possessing such charm

simplicity of complexity yields beauty that’s warm…

to the touch on my screen…

i touch but don’t clutch this unfolding dream

contagious smile depicted

countenance and eyes uplifted

as if observing the symphony of stars

suggesting sound in sight timpani are hearts

the brassiness of trumpets…

are the twinklings from afar…


i now affirm

that i’m at a loss for terms

to express how i have yearned

for a muse again to turn

spiritual rumblings into tones

that clearly sound appreciation

for art and all its inspirations


not quite done

thoughts might run

like caressing hands

of a blind sculptor

or new lover

appraising soft lines

prospective poetry book cover

book entitled unfolding dreams

or they may run like fingers through hair as gentle as a breeze

that wafted through clear days and deposited  autumn leaves

for toddlers to roll in…

Errol Percival Jr. (Daiikiru Akasha Maximillion)





Iron drum

the fire that flowers…
the flower that fires
words that flow with power
of love and not ire…
iron lion’s mane
smelted in the flame
purity obtained
defies label and name
call it crown of thorns
from follicles its grown
oil anointed it adorns
the polar cap of a dome
the thorn’s pricking points yielding
to empresses’ weaving
they intertwine yet its freeing
feeling is believing
seeing is receiving
perceiving is reweaving
tapestries to suit
attributes are moot
pointedly I’m mute
till time tempers fullness
and we’re ready to unfold this
rapping that holds gifts
poised for perfection
poisoned correction
abounds when we’re stepsons
in our minds when it comes to the divine
so we refine oh so crudely
our natural resource the new we
in public pens school is now juvee…
positive… not problem kids…
it starts inside… us solving this…
if we each rise as sovereigns
and emulate divine providence
perchance that’s where our problems end…
for change let’s look inside and lend
our ears, voices, third eyes and hands
instead of marching as if we’re beat
to devilish drummed up plans…
Errol Percival Jr. (Daiikiru Akasha Maximillion)