Unfolding Dream Inception

black white and blue…

Yin Yang and the water…

absence and abundance of hue

no one without the other

unified and suggestive of form

so beautiful possessing such charm

simplicity of complexity yields beauty that’s warm…

to the touch on my screen…

i touch but don’t clutch this unfolding dream

contagious smile depicted

countenance and eyes uplifted

as if observing the symphony of stars

suggesting sound in sight timpani are hearts

the brassiness of trumpets…

are the twinklings from afar…


i now affirm

that i’m at a loss for terms

to express how i have yearned

for a muse again to turn

spiritual rumblings into tones

that clearly sound appreciation

for art and all its inspirations


not quite done

thoughts might run

like caressing hands

of a blind sculptor

or new lover

appraising soft lines

prospective poetry book cover

book entitled unfolding dreams

or they may run like fingers through hair as gentle as a breeze

that wafted through clear days and deposited  autumn leaves

for toddlers to roll in…

Errol Percival Jr. (Daiikiru Akasha Maximillion)






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