Rain Drop

breathe on the dice
believe what you like
as for me into the stream i will dive
for no particular purpose
except it feels like its right
to explore the depths
accessible to me at anytime
and in any place
to take me away
from the confines of time and space
to the simple essence
the lines from which i’m traced
and colored in by interaction
with the creations of my race
then framed and hung
in the gallery for all to judge love or hate
so i think it’s only right that i seek my other face
the one behind the additives
the one i didn’t make
the one that can’t be distinguished
like a single drop of rain
hurtling to fruition
without fear of dissolution
it is what it does
what it does is its fate
serene and resting
like a mountain
the well spring of life
love’s fountain
drop three coins
cease your counting
and plotting and efforts to
control outcomes through aggression
sit at the feet of your innate divinity
silence is the lesson
Errol Percival Jr.


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