Intro The Wild

Intro The Wild

I won’t die here.
I will fully live.
I won’t dry tears.
I leave that to the wind.
I’m free again to fly here.
Gravity cannot win.
I’m well grounded, but the spirit soars.
I’m underground waters with mysterious mist above.
I wade through. I paddle. Songs I lift of love.
For, such is the space from which this one hails.
No substances enrich this breadcrumb strewn trail.
No doubts encroach upon this. Hammer struck nail.
Piercing and joining are accomplished.
Ankhs raised enjoining the accomplice.
Pranks fail. Tricksters are conquered.
Un-slain, reality haunts us.
Obtained are the un-given answers,
through means most unorthodox.
They lie in the cradle which an author rocks.
The lullabies are more rousing than anthems, it seems.
I bid babies awaken to unsweetened dreams.
Cry if you must.
Tears displace dust
on countenances up-thrust along, the rat-race roadside.
Look away Dixie. Look up at the pure sky,
not down at dirtied hands.
Anticipate cleansing waters. Raucously raindance .
For foolhardy forebears forgiveness and forbearance .
Sheep don’t know better; they shit everywhere.
While, wild cats dig holes to defecate,
unless confined by those who domesticate.
Do me no favors that desecrate
the sanctity of my sovereignty. It’s not up for debate.
It is self claimed. There’s no give and no take.
This baby grows wings before the bough breaks.
Oh please don’t you rock my boat fakes.
Cause I wont like my boat to be rock flakes.
I sail in stone set to block hate.
Soul trek phasers mystical misbehavior
if you let them tell it…
Feeding fattening fear marketing a savior…
What happens to sheep when they go to market? Let me tell ya.
Matter of fact, where’s my tact?
Can’t be too sharp and exact.
Some don’t respond well to facts.
Parables postpone the executioners axe.
Fearful fire on torches, crosses, and churches…
The uninspired deify or demonize the forces
that set eyes alight and makes victories of losses.
Must all our prophets be misfits and martyrs?
Must all the profit be misappropriated and squandered?!
Must all dissenting voices be silenced and slaughtered?!!
There are those that would whisper affirmative
and smile in our faces.
There are those that in judgment would frown on where grace is.
They would sooner see the true and living decapitated
than embrace the coming change that’s been so long awaited.

 2012 © Daiikiru Akasha Maximillion ™ 


6 thoughts on “Intro The Wild

  1. Very powerful! Even though I’ve never heard your voice, I felt I could “hear” you reading these words aloud. It was that strong.
    Thank you ~

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