Plain paper

Plain paper… 

Name changer…

Game evader…

Visor-less Vader…

Tireless Trader…

Today’s minor’s; tomorrow’s majors…

The slightly disgruntled grow into haters.

Your mountain climbing is jealousy’s escalator.

What will you do?

Will you subsist on valley breeze,

when your soul requires crisp brisk mountain air to breathe?

Will you fly the flight of chickens; inefficient and intermittent?

Or will you gracefully soar on thermals, wings broad?

Spiritually aloft like when Mahalia sings songs…

Giving you something you gotta feel,

like the pain that make some to Gods appeal.

Seeing not just the fruit and the leaves, but the root of the real…

So I may not sit in pews with you, or have the same religious views as you.

But I know the deal because I feel.

My lines receive varied frequencies.

My God is alive and speaks in me…

Saying you shall not have any other gods but me…

So I idolize no one… and none can preach to me…

You may share experience,

but know I’m leery of the spurious,

and consistently curious,

so questions are constantly queuing up,

and all is suspect when one answer isn’t true enough.

Some wear blue lenses because their sky isn’t blue enough.

Some regurgitate the thoughts of minds that never knew enough,

to authoritatively state claims to alleviate our cluelessness.

Minds built on lies are resistant to real truthfulness.

Not just the convenient exposure

to inconvenience another and their squeamishness

for shock value, or for wickedness, or to feed one’s ego,

or discredit to best another in a pissing contest

to reap the spoils of verbal conquests.


Matter of fact, shush…

In nature there are no buttons to push,

no instruction manuals, tablets, or talkative burning bush.

Unnecessary theatrics… Matrix basis factors…

Making suds in the water like rendered fat does…

Is bathwater drinkable?

Ludicrous proposition…

Limitless opposition…

Natural Zone Time.

Ja-rules always on time

The real stream flows, mired not in time.

No tic tic tic… like a liar’s eye

or a poker tell…

Just rip rip rip… strike a fire time

for unopened veils.

Even sheer material diffuses light.

Enough layers will suffuse the sight…

like the aforementioned tinted lenses.

Daiikiru Akasha maximillion


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