I Sense Urgency


I sense urgency. 

The time is now… as it ever was and will be.

I unfurl.

I uncurl from the fetal.

I poke out my chest at pains.

I totally invest in change.

Armors have chinks.

Chains have weak links.

The oppressed have deep strength,

buried under the debris of their dignity,

right next to the knowledge of their divinity.

Our brothers’ and sisters’ blood cries out from the soil.

Our brotherly and sisterly love bows under the toil:

To subjugate to currency our sent to soar spirits…

To relegate to drudgery our plentiful merits…

To denigrate our sovereignty via illusory ethics…

I say thee nay…

I say we bray…

Like donkeys that buck the “master” off and kick.

Let’s wield donkey jawbones and truly utilize our strengths.

I’m crowned with knotty spirals.

I’m down to spark revival

of divine defiance and the toppling of idols.

We often aspire to what we admire.

We’re fed in our mother’s milk the waters that expire.

Materialist ideologies leave us counter-intuitively (re)wired

to retrofit us to the machine of this falling empire.

Who crafted this confining crab barrel?

Who cracks shells at will and feeds off our peril?

Who has convinced us that we have no power?

Who has bid us not to confront but to cower

from this corruption we have built and allowed to overrun us?

Bidding is one thing, but I bet the doing is ours.

Hence the remedy is ours as well to administer.

No topical solutions, but inner revolutions

to abolish the sinister…

Tendrils of technocracies and theocracies…       

 Iceburg tips of hyperbole and hypocrisy…

Titanic transfusions of illusions and self fulfilling prophecies…

Treadmill treading revolutionaries

who’ve become what they’ve fought to cease,

with a collar and a leash trying to walk the beast…


The time is now.

I swear no vow.

The true need no distinction or emphasis.

Their vocal veracity is inherently implicit.

Truth or silence…

Even their silences speak voluminously…

And their actions are reverberations that’ll vibrate posthumously

in resonance with their purposes and potential paired with passion

put forth profusely yet prudently…

Right Now…

Daiikiru Akasha Maximillion