Just Do It.

Math n NATURE09212013_0000

Just do it
The dance is a check
in and of itself.
Mating the matrix…
Spiral connotation of wealth…
Expansion; elaborate…
Empassioned champion candidate…
No vote; no competition… aggregates.
No consolation…
Just affluence,
bourne in veins,
leaving one of a kind footprints
in the mud “they” would have you abhor and avoid.
Cleanliness sits next to godliness.
Sanitizer or soil?
One represents renewable life, the other miniscule deaths manifold.
What are we manifesting?
Wait…This is about dance, hence about song.
Bountiful unity or discordant throng?
Latent laity or theological thrones
as dance partners.
Musical crowns of thorns…
Lay down your arms.
Enter wedding feasts.
Pass on the meat.
Crops are the feast.
Death is the yeast.
Hot air rises as pretense to substance,
fermenting the struggle,
cementing the guts of the bigots
to fire on their shadows that hang around corners.
Scared of being startled and jumping out of their skins or collars…
Blue, white… Crew tight like socks… Few bite on stocks…
Buying and selling…
Bombing invading…
Talking evasive …
Politically correct… Pervasive
Pontificating, complicating the basic.
Friend or foe, to self and of folks?
Are you vessel with no space and wheel without spokes?
Queries are often more powerful than quotes.
I hope this suffices.
The silence just spoke.

Daiikiru Akasha Maximillion


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