Settled in…

Nina Blu E04132014_0000

Settled in…

Settled in to battle wind
and all other elements.
Test and win…
No cattle trends.

Ban all thoughts of fitting in.
I’ve faded far.
Still embracing art
as step, but not path…
I will not hastily label self.
I will always cause a pause to ponder
but not pause to ponder…
I’ll proffer help…
Instantaneous… change in us,
when times seem perilous.
And when are they not?
At any point the ball could drop,
despite how sturdy the grip.
Perhaps that’s just it.
Tightness jarred
makes things fall apart.
The slightest dart can pierce the biggest heart.
Such is it with all.
The hasty climber fears a fall.
So, to get it over with quick,
one way or another, he expeditiously flits
over what he should tentatively tip…
And slips…
Seen on numerous occasions…
Exposited by grandmas that said,
“Haste makes waste.”
So one must take time and make time.
Proceed, and make ones pace relate time
to subject, not master.
If indeed one finds that one should move faster,
be conscious… Do not get lost in the doing
Be there always, in the now.
Be not what time is consuming.
Do not become its food… or its fool.

Errol Percival Jr.


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