Read, rinse, repeat…

tap tap tap go the keys
that’s just what a brother needs
an affirmation of self and a release
of internal pressures so he can breathe
spiral stair banister and pole
viral peers passing on the cold
exchanging ideas that disregard the code
ethically bankrupt totally devoid of soul
feigned warmth is worse
than spitting a flaming curse
on the day of your enemy’s birth
at least you tell him what you think he’s worth
swept under the rug
foul feelings proceed to rub
till you feel you need to scrub
your mind like the ring in the tub
surrounded by such you succumb
to your own interior bum
shake them off so you can become
the player who’s already won
true causes not based on illusions
disdain altruism that’s based on intrusions
into spiritual realms on which hinges inclusion
starve or accept this religious infusion
judge not begrudge not
i got we both got
rise up and don’t stop
post op


Errol Percival Jr.





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