i sit at the bar
sipping still waters
once writ from the heart
warming me like a parka
easy at the start
i guarantee it gets harder
for some
seldom seen change
like buffalo nickels
fem-dom breeds pain
fights with thrown vittles
and flying pots and pans
grasped by once lovingly extended hands
welcoming now they’re pelting him
no mention of the heavy words
laden with resentment
tears the lynchpin
fears that finish him
returns diminishing
silenced and grimacing
laser eyes imaging
realizing i’m piddling
on something so sizzling
like a sun blazed man hole
credit is cancelled
angst is ample
pants are trampled
in the mad dash for what rings true
but is hurtful in such vehement tones
and seems to herald even more inclement woes
resulting in unarmed war with two indigent foes
bereft of the best of times once shared
that oneness and synchronicity when two of them paired
firstly- now thirsty even as i sip
now as still as those waters is the response to the lip
for truth is truth though sometimes a bitter pill
and one must walk in the shoes that one fills
don’t put off by putting off and rankle at lowered regard
but still the water in eyes
such fires hopefully greener grasses will sprout from
Errol Percival Jr.


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