Oh my heart.

Oh my heart,
you bid me cry,
that you may set free the rain inside.
This is indeed reigning time just of a different kind.
I’ll allow it though for just a bit of the morning.
I have crowns to don.
I have poems to pen and verses to lay.
I have narratives to complete and new tales to spin.
This life of mine intertwined with rhyme…
This power released to grow to my prime…
The quieting of the raucous din of unrequited regard…
Sit tall… Fit all of you into malleable mastery.
Manifest your greatest masterpiece yet.
Dig into your depths but don’t discard the dirt or hurt.
See it… see from whence it stems… see where it is rooted.
Some depths require the holding of breath.
Some require the holding of tongue.
I disengage and disembark from the pursuit of a futile ending.
Find me in the wind…
You lost me in the wind…
in the wind of your distraction…
Plying petty proclivities and pretense…
I see through it .
Sometimes we tense and we wince…
Knowing good and goddamned well…
What’s coming is not what we came for.
Daiikiru Maximillion


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