Thank you. I think. I will.
Look how it turns out.
Yet the jewels say what’s real.
I love…
That is just like saying
I am.
I’m not fooling… anyone.
I do not care how gullible.
The victor doesn’t have to victimize to rise.
Altruism – Crystallized all ways true.
Pry per pi and phi.
Payed posers-
Played impulses-
Slain- resulting from psychic poison.
This world and that world-
layered one upon the other.
Hand in hand—
Scenes clear- clarity unimpaired
by desired destinies that make disappointment
of the divinely appointed.
I have been built by intuition,
humbled by former positions,
misdiagnosed by pseudo-physicians.
Something is lost in translation.
Something is gained in translation.
The essence remains in origin.
My essence retains conscious collagen.
I lay in the akashic sea.
I fetal float.
I become conduit.
I don’t allow hubris to ruin it.
Daiikiru Akasha Maximillion


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