Stay Ready

In between themes…
Starting fresh pre-completion of prior…
I turn my mind loose on the leaf,
taking steps… edging towards the fire.
Closer… closer… Nearer my log to thee…
Documented deals…
Deoxy-ribonucleic acidity…
Tested; tried… Found true.
Bested by one’s own tools… of trade…
Finding self jaded…
These jewels that are played with…
take serious and change shit.
Mastermind my matrix.
Lead yourself, insistent and plaintive
pleas from the ethers that leak into creatures
bidding them be creators…
I mold art and circumstance.
I wield what seems happenstance…
the synchronicities between which I dance
like witches between rain drops.
A dousing means dissolving.
So, I step lively.
Rod at the ready…

Errol Percival Jr. (Daiikiru Maximillion)


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