Good Evening

I no longer keep score.
I am intent on correction.
So I drop this I… This me.
I… There it goes again.
Did I just lie?
Old habits die hard.
In shifting this paradigm,
what adaptations must be made?
A semantic shift shan’t suffice.
Shall I drop one I for another I?
This hints at first eye.
It also brings to mind the ineffectiveness of hints.
These promote guessing.
Guessing amplifies probability of error.
Of what does one build faith in sources,
to deem what is gathered knowledge?
What engenders repute…
ill or otherwise? Especially otherwise…
Is it long standing amicable relation?
Is it another’s vouching?
Is it recognized kinship insofar as school of thought?
Is it novelty of resonance?
Either way, is it sufficient?
Many manage to make it so.
As for me, or whatever euphemism I choose…
I don’t know—
I really don’t.
I just sense…
I dare not make more of it than that.
I am at times prone to ego…
my own, and another’s daring to feed the bear…
I learned early to fear my temper,
yet not enough to prevent a chipped tooth…
Is that regret at marring potentially perfect features?
Either way…
Too thorough an examination is not possible where I sit.
Or is that a retreat?
What do I fear to uncover?
Why do I so lightly cast that spell?
Perhaps fear is too “weak” a word.
Is this derivative linguistic masturbation?
Has Herbert drained my poetic vein.
Ha Ha— Maybe this is just an indication
that reasoning and plain words yearn
to be freed from clever riddle.
At some point I will abandon
this tower of babble format.
Profitable prophecy?
Possibilities allotted free of desire…
What do tantrums avail one?



Short Sort

Today there is fuel.
There is also sunlight.
Solar, I tower over the sower of discord.
Games within games…
My smile is untarnished.
No tragic flames…
No seeming nor feeling famished…
I bounce right back… PTSD Damage…
“Ha” Brown Aja—
Sunni… pitter patter—
Saul emeritus—
Whatever that means…
Africa and Americas…
Applicable merit does wonders.
Fifth chakra no longer under—
The release valve is private sessions.
I attend forthwith.
I publicize this message…
endorsed by the whole spectrum.
Midgard to Asgard.
Baldur intercession…
Last walk.


Fine Weather

Another turn.
Have we missed much?
Remain unconcerned.
None shall twist us from purpose.
Play like porpoise…
At home in clear waters, under sun on sand…
Bathing beauties eclipse previous yearning.
Oh how different…
Yet it is what it was
and still is love.
I shan’t assault pages with despite.
How dare I occlude this light?
There are many more humans to interact with,
for them and I.
I won’t seek distractions from tilling soil of mind.
There are distinct seasons.
And in each I am fine.
All is fodder for pen.
Clouds languish in light wind,
taking their sweet time passing.
I won’t be bitter if they decide to rain.



The meanings of what you’ve made
and have been made of
evolve as you evolve.
In this case, evolve means unfold.
A fickle flame flickered and fell under bloody moon.
We patiently await the faithful light of dawn.
Brief windows and revolving doors…
As the ill wind blows we gather our resolve.
I am more yet lessened by abated ardor.
All appears as but pursuant fluctuation.
Yet there is always more or less than there seems to be.
Musing and mulling over…
Choosing a punished soldier’s unwavering stance and salute…
Seven year cycles close.
Salvation plays out.
Prescience to the fore…
Tertiary ojos trained on wee horas…
Roosters crow way more than thrice.
The sun has three more hours to rise.
The grapes of wrath are often sour to the taste
or perhaps even bitter.
Two sided coin…
The head has its own tale and the tail its own heading.
The broken compass curtails the conquest.
Calming or upsetting?
Observing from seat as sole…
Am I a heel or a tow?
Nothing misspelled…
I truly want to know.
Cauterize the loom of fates web weaving.
Walk the razor’s edge.
No leaning…
as destiny’s looming perturbs…
I leave this here.
I turn now to pack tangible thoughts.
Roll away the stone.
I have something to write on it.
Low battery…
I won’t charge.
I will dip my quill into intuition and will,
and hammer and chisel legacy.
Oh… Well.

Maximilli (the don/prince) Seven ray theorem.

Daiikiru (great life)

Akasha (spirit central)

Maximillion (first name that is last name)