The meanings of what you’ve made
and have been made of
evolve as you evolve.
In this case, evolve means unfold.
A fickle flame flickered and fell under bloody moon.
We patiently await the faithful light of dawn.
Brief windows and revolving doors…
As the ill wind blows we gather our resolve.
I am more yet lessened by abated ardor.
All appears as but pursuant fluctuation.
Yet there is always more or less than there seems to be.
Musing and mulling over…
Choosing a punished soldier’s unwavering stance and salute…
Seven year cycles close.
Salvation plays out.
Prescience to the fore…
Tertiary ojos trained on wee horas…
Roosters crow way more than thrice.
The sun has three more hours to rise.
The grapes of wrath are often sour to the taste
or perhaps even bitter.
Two sided coin…
The head has its own tale and the tail its own heading.
The broken compass curtails the conquest.
Calming or upsetting?
Observing from seat as sole…
Am I a heel or a tow?
Nothing misspelled…
I truly want to know.
Cauterize the loom of fates web weaving.
Walk the razor’s edge.
No leaning…
as destiny’s looming perturbs…
I leave this here.
I turn now to pack tangible thoughts.
Roll away the stone.
I have something to write on it.
Low battery…
I won’t charge.
I will dip my quill into intuition and will,
and hammer and chisel legacy.
Oh… Well.

Maximilli (the don/prince) Seven ray theorem.

Daiikiru (great life)

Akasha (spirit central)

Maximillion (first name that is last name)


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