There are ways and means to approach.
There are parameters to reproach.
All must be balanced.
All must be challenged.
More than just talent…
You must fully invest.
Build upon your foundations.
Leave no stone unearned.
Leave hoes unyearned for.
Leave those that would smother…
and pour sand on your fire…
We came to be conflagrations of consciousness.
We came to dance in joy.
We are among the pretty lights of sky.
We populate Dreamlands
and propagate reel plans.
I wander and the deal stands.
No wonder I seem wan when freedom rings.
This is life…
This is where release leads…
Solo yet surrounded.
Total zen no doubt in…
Or out…
Surroundings… redoubt
Proudly reroute…
There’s more to see.
There’s more to be found.
Testing the waters
Quit being a cliche.

Daiikiru Maximillion


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