Journal Entry 58… July 13th 2015 Titled: Adequate. Ha!

Adequate. Ha!07132015

I’m not adequate. I am superfluously talented. Excess in excess… What do I deem success? What would be purpose fulfilled? There are none to ask. I have come to bask in uncertainty that I may think and grow free. I dare not shackle myself again. This sovereign reigns in perpetuity. I grew tired of what it was said I should be. I am that… The unfathomable by the shallow human conceptions of time, space, and disjointed beginning and ending.

This infinite spiral… This intricate mind log… The triplicate dialog of “I”s.

How can one understand if the mind is a slave to childhood fears of rejection, lashes, and damnation if one doesn’t obey? I am a rebel with no pause. A saint with no clause… No sanction… this is between me and the me that is making me. I won’t drown in this tragic turpitude tended by those passing themselves as incorruptible… It is kind of true as they are indeed already corrupt. Are we fixable though? Are we mixable with foes… in the end? Many see an end where there is actually a beginning… Truth be told… Neither are different they are but marking points along the ever-present now. Today marks another Begending. I embark. I purr on purpose… Herbie the love bug. Dig. Nothing I do is as you do.




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