I do myself disservice.
I do not take my worth in.
Ideological morass,
absence of focus…
Yet still the light builds.
I’m thrilled that my will has regained rightful space.
Now I may venture.
Reality and nature…
They call.
I yearn to master the language of notes.
So I go where the knowledge of such flows.
No days off… Persistence pays off.
I endeavor to do it myself.
I resolve to not let resolve waver.
No more danger of such if I heed the call.
I rise each day and play.
This is what I am here for.
I’m thankful for the clarity.
I’m a divine drawing gallery.
Trample fear.
Free forgiveness—
Grace and gratitude abound unbound.

Errol Percival Jr.
Daiikiru Maximillion


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