Bed serves as desk.
I work to shorten breaths
between fulfilling
moments of motion
emulating ocean.
Waves are steps.
Sun, moon, and scars…
Consuming hearts is pastime for some.
They rend. They rend.
They say they give.
They rent. They rent.
All is deposit with hope for withdrawal.
Capitalist love.
They capitalize on flaws.
They fabricate if they find you unflawed.
They castigate one’s very being for being.
They’re hard.
Or their armor is rather…
Crafted of fear that another lover
will do them as dirty as another lover
or as dirty as they did another lover.
So when the going gets tough they go to another lover.
But hey… At least they’re gone right?
Hmmm… Not quite.
They linger in lives under a guise built of lies.
Purely pretense-
These scars are recent.
These lines I present
Are evidence of healing.
No scabs to pick.
No nagging itch.
Just return to innocence and conscious breathing.
Enigmatic winner by skill and not cheating…

Errol Percival Jr.

Daiikiru Maximillion


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