I challenge myself to a duel
to the depths
I could almost be lost in my own consciousness.
But that’s a stretch.
I won’t unconsciously accept my foot on my own neck.
Or any idle threats to be less than my best.
My past won’t hold me hostage.
My future won’t confound my current steps.
As for now…
Too fleeting to pin down.
There it goes again…
Lazy language limitation…
We talk ourselves out of Els and into L’s.
Have a nice day mankind.
I don’t like ties.
They seem to signify leashes.
And being tied to the matrix
OR the water cooler.
Or paternal pathologies passed down
Or passed on.
What passion in pencil pushing?
If the figures aren’t figments of artistry lifting from pages to dance with the daydreams school tried to kill.
They almost made me sedentary and trained me to sit still.
This Lion Can’t Tame!
Research my last name and read of the grail.
I perceive all… My body will never be a jail.
My mind will never be a warden.
I beg no one’s pardon.
I am my own sovereign.
This hubris won’t harden.
My heart is merely charging my soul
for the journey, struggles, and battles ahead for my Squadron.
Se La Vie… No problem…


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