Did I scare you?
Get a clear view.
They say the devil is in the details.
How much of what “they” say is true?
Is the divine vague… an artist with a wide brush?
Is it not versatile with paint.
Can’t see; can’t touch?
Then please explain to me these damn goosebumps.
Either way it’s all a moot point.
The distinction between divine and creation…
The divine is in the morning dew making a leaf a stand for a mirror of the whole universe… even the parts we can’t detect with the naked or aided eye.
It is there whether we like it or not.
We can make as many scapegoats as we like.
We can make as many houses to house the houses of gods as we like.
None may match the majesty of the “simple” sky.
Yet still none may match mastery of our “complex” insides.
Better get it right.
Blame is a blight.
Your saviour is your light.
Shed it on your plight.
Travel to all corners of you.
Mark your territory.
Be sovereign in truth.
Break your mental manacles and spiritual shackles.
Get a clear view.
Don’t be scared boo.



… … …

I’m inadvertently impolite at times.

I don’t mean to be.

Perhaps I should force it.

Perhaps I should stretch thin and wide.

Perhaps I should fake it to make it.

Perhaps I should apologize profusely at every turn.

Perhaps the cure for overstimulation is more stimulation and stricter stipulations and adherence to my contractual obligation to always do and say the right thing…

Man… I don’t know my ass from my elbow right now.

Maybe I’m exaggerating.

Maybe I’m overreacting.

Maybe I need to eat.

Maybe I need to get to napping.

Maybe I’m just purging my palette for more tasteful thoughts and should keep these to myself in the hopes of seeming invulnerable behind walls impregnable without a thesaurus and a map key for my psyche…

Thesaurus? Really?

Don’t you think highly of yourself?

You’re not that deep.

And even if you were… Who cares?

Don’t share…

You can’t risk a bad poem.

What will they think?

Who cares?

Do share… Maybe this will let you off the hook…

Maybe this will let you let go of the pommel of the saddle of your high horse that stands still no matter what you do with the reins.

Maybe you can relinquish the appellation “Poet” and just be Max who likes to write again.





DAM all that.

Daiikiru Akasha Maximillion ’til I’m in a grave or my name is engraved on something that commemorates something like making something out of nothing.

What will it say?

Who cares?

Maybe… Perhaps…

At least he was brave.

Errol Percival Jr. A.K.A. Pop pop.

… . …

What do you bring to the table?
Is it food for the soul?
Is it food for the ego?
You have to know.
Or maybe you don’t.
I’m responsible for what I eat…
hence what I am…
if idioms serve me correctly.
Fasting is some powerful shit.
Abstaining gives your character strength.
Fire for any form of guilt formulating act.
Walking what you talk gets you where you belong.
Don’t get in where you fit in.
Leave room for growth.
Shrink not from the truth.
Leave rooms full…
full of your self-replenishing essence.
May your cup overflow and bid you change the tablecloth.
May the birthright of love adorn as center piece and not languish underneath with cobwebs and daddy long legs.
May rolling stones go uphill, pushed with care like prams in the park.
May what you bring to the table be sufficient to surpass mere sustenance.
Be a banquet of being.
Love is not a weakness.
Let its true meaning be your reason.
Serve well.
Eat well.
Namastè / Yes I

Daiikiru Akasha Maximillion

Late Light

Shift your perspective; shift your life.
Dig to the root of the pain you flee and cover.
Life is a full cup even when half full.
We need to breathe more than we need to drink.
So be thankful for breathing room.
Be thankful for solitude where your guards don’t need to be up.
Be thankful for quietude that let’s thoughts bubble up and burst… as you relinquish them to from whence they came.
Be thankful for stillness or seeming stillness that allows you to see what moves you.
Just be thankful… for something…
It could be nothing.
It could be a friend… even ever distant.
It could be sensitivity that makes tears immediate.
Remember it takes all kinds to make the world, so being one of a kind is both burden and boon.
Carry it proudly… but not too proudly.
What does “too proudly” even mean?
I hope it isn’t tied to other’s comfort levels.
If “they” can’t take the shine, let them get out of the sun.
It may sound callous but the reality is: Stifling is a horrible death be it murder or suicide.
I love us.
– Daiikiru Maximillion

Early Morning Thoughts

Sometimes the words don’t say what we think they say. Sometimes only the source knows. Be the source. Write your life on the wind, baring both stench and sweetness. Think into reality. Don’t sink into their reality. Don’t drown. Don’t swim. Walk on the water of will. Keep your feet clean. Keep your hand and heart nimble. Keep your spirit spry to leap over the waves of chaos. Keep compassion. Discard it not nor place it where shelved emotions fester in storage. Express who you are, not who you were or are about to be. Give this moment its moment. Give your shining a chance. Love is more powerful than those who know it not know. We are more powerful than those who know us not know. Make a decision and stick to it and see what happens. Fear not.