Return to the way.
Plant your feet.
Adore the stars.
Swim the seas.
Touch some hearts.
Walk in truth.
Bless the booth.
Learn to play.
Enter the fray.
Raise your youth.
Return to the way.


9 eyes…

I sat with them.
But they knew me not.
Their childhood overflowed.
They flooded the room.
Then I stood up to walk.
I waded to the door.
I looked back with no saltiness.
I opened the door.
I crossed the threshold.
I closed the door.
I unfurled my wings.
I took flight into dreams.
Fulfillment is King.
We came to win.

Daiikiru A. Maximillion


New leaf right now.
It is possible.
Dig deep into self.
Find what no one else put in you.
Nurse your spark to conflagration.
Or bask in gently generated warmth.
It is you and yours yet ours.
Prophecies, portents and potent powers…
They reside on the thin line of limitation.
Who drew your map of reality?
Does it keep you in or out… of what.
“Curiosity killed the cat.”
What are nine lives with no real growth?
Will the circle be unbroken.
Will the cycle keep us broken?
Some of don’t even know we are.
We are taught to turn our face away or hate the exemplars of spiritual states other than self seeking supplicant fleeing death as fate.
They taught you to hate yourself and then remake yourself as some hybrid to escape yourself.
Don’t sell yourself short.
Don’t sell yourself at all.
Give yourself your all… to the all.
Who are you when not the all?
How dare you not be divine?!
Blood fire…
It is time.
Be… I AM.

It calls again and I become an answer.

An echo… A reflection…

in a broken mirror…

Refractions reverberations…

A cacophony of meaning and purpose

that will not be denied.

I walk a thin line.

Hubris and humility buffet my coat.

But balance being a matter of life and death before has granted a certain certainty to my stride.

So on and on… focused is the I.

Totality collides with illusions and lies and proceeds undeterred and unshaken.

Some think they know but have no idea.

Their freedoms are bought by bondage.

Their expressions exemplify exploitation.

They conspire and con.

Oh well that’s them.

I will keep my own hands and heart clean.

They are my examples of who not to be.

I won’t play for the wrong team.

Nah not Daiikiru… Nah…

I say yes to my best.

Selah Asé Aye…

I’m supposed to be asleep.
My soul won’t let me.
Wee hours for me.
The divine pours in the message.
I am what I am enclosed in this passage…
Of energy and light called life.
I know I am a process.
Complexity is composed of the simple.
Intensity is even in a smile with one dimple.
The eyes don’t lie.
My voice won’t sigh.
It will roar a kiai.
Never capitulate…
I will stand and fight…
Spiritual wickedness in high and low places.
Spiritual weakness from lack of exercise and placating.
Y’all drank the Kool Aid and fled from the fruit.
You fled from the truth to hide your faces under the pope’s petticoats.
Either way my fingers aren’t for pointing.
I won’t linger on the wrong things.
The channels have been opened.
No constriction shall close them.
I’m as free as the dawning.
I face fully the daunting.
I live fully no haunting…
No ego taunting…
I let foibles fall…
I don’t look back on the trail…
I don’t leave any tracks…
On this temple floor.
I wipe my feet and doff shoes and socks.
In this moment Daiikiru rocks.
I let that reverberate in the silence for a second.
I stop and close my eyelids.
What a blessing…
My muse is within.
My label’s loosely fitting…
My heart is light enough for flight.
But I remain sitting.
Gratitude attempts to overwhelm me.
But my time in the tide taught resiliency
So I balance, observe and remain free and me.
I still give thanks though.
Forever thankful.
Eternity is a handful…
Of water you can’t hold.
So sip your tea… Light an incense and a candle.
Sit with me… All the problems will be handled.