Finding time elusive.
The illusory evasion…
The lunacy coercion
to concur in their conquering of your timelessness.
That essential recognition that eternity is in this breath…
that the whole journey is in this step.
Take it surely.
Balance on the cusp of full potentiality.
Accept not the limits of the program.
You craft code.
You are captain and vessel.
You are fulcrum and level scale,
when you choose.
Power is in the choice
and thusly on the raised voice.
Raised as in cultivated- cured of the ails of stifling society…
pure as if unappraised, unjudged…
Unruled hence uncorrupted by prevailing paradigms
that refuse to budge, but must when the waters come.
Be they rains, rivers, or seas that seize back for nature
what we have pulled out of balance.
Oh what webs we weave when our very selves we contrive to deceive.
They would label clouds lazy like they do cats.
Yet the confined ones are the only ones I’ve seen fat.


Daiikiru Akasha Maximillion



I do myself disservice.
I do not take my worth in.
Ideological morass,
absence of focus…
Yet still the light builds.
I’m thrilled that my will has regained rightful space.
Now I may venture.
Reality and nature…
They call.
I yearn to master the language of notes.
So I go where the knowledge of such flows.
No days off… Persistence pays off.
I endeavor to do it myself.
I resolve to not let resolve waver.
No more danger of such if I heed the call.
I rise each day and play.
This is what I am here for.
I’m thankful for the clarity.
I’m a divine drawing gallery.
Trample fear.
Free forgiveness—
Grace and gratitude abound unbound.

Errol Percival Jr.
Daiikiru Maximillion