Good Evening

I no longer keep score.
I am intent on correction.
So I drop this I… This me.
I… There it goes again.
Did I just lie?
Old habits die hard.
In shifting this paradigm,
what adaptations must be made?
A semantic shift shan’t suffice.
Shall I drop one I for another I?
This hints at first eye.
It also brings to mind the ineffectiveness of hints.
These promote guessing.
Guessing amplifies probability of error.
Of what does one build faith in sources,
to deem what is gathered knowledge?
What engenders repute…
ill or otherwise? Especially otherwise…
Is it long standing amicable relation?
Is it another’s vouching?
Is it recognized kinship insofar as school of thought?
Is it novelty of resonance?
Either way, is it sufficient?
Many manage to make it so.
As for me, or whatever euphemism I choose…
I don’t know—
I really don’t.
I just sense…
I dare not make more of it than that.
I am at times prone to ego…
my own, and another’s daring to feed the bear…
I learned early to fear my temper,
yet not enough to prevent a chipped tooth…
Is that regret at marring potentially perfect features?
Either way…
Too thorough an examination is not possible where I sit.
Or is that a retreat?
What do I fear to uncover?
Why do I so lightly cast that spell?
Perhaps fear is too “weak” a word.
Is this derivative linguistic masturbation?
Has Herbert drained my poetic vein.
Ha Ha— Maybe this is just an indication
that reasoning and plain words yearn
to be freed from clever riddle.
At some point I will abandon
this tower of babble format.
Profitable prophecy?
Possibilities allotted free of desire…
What do tantrums avail one?



Stay Ready

In between themes…
Starting fresh pre-completion of prior…
I turn my mind loose on the leaf,
taking steps… edging towards the fire.
Closer… closer… Nearer my log to thee…
Documented deals…
Deoxy-ribonucleic acidity…
Tested; tried… Found true.
Bested by one’s own tools… of trade…
Finding self jaded…
These jewels that are played with…
take serious and change shit.
Mastermind my matrix.
Lead yourself, insistent and plaintive
pleas from the ethers that leak into creatures
bidding them be creators…
I mold art and circumstance.
I wield what seems happenstance…
the synchronicities between which I dance
like witches between rain drops.
A dousing means dissolving.
So, I step lively.
Rod at the ready…

Errol Percival Jr. (Daiikiru Maximillion)


Thank you. I think. I will.
Look how it turns out.
Yet the jewels say what’s real.
I love…
That is just like saying
I am.
I’m not fooling… anyone.
I do not care how gullible.
The victor doesn’t have to victimize to rise.
Altruism – Crystallized all ways true.
Pry per pi and phi.
Payed posers-
Played impulses-
Slain- resulting from psychic poison.
This world and that world-
layered one upon the other.
Hand in hand—
Scenes clear- clarity unimpaired
by desired destinies that make disappointment
of the divinely appointed.
I have been built by intuition,
humbled by former positions,
misdiagnosed by pseudo-physicians.
Something is lost in translation.
Something is gained in translation.
The essence remains in origin.
My essence retains conscious collagen.
I lay in the akashic sea.
I fetal float.
I become conduit.
I don’t allow hubris to ruin it.
Daiikiru Akasha Maximillion

Free Read

touch it bring it near
tumescent yelling clear
cpr no vcr bring me to life
pure evanescence
your effervescence
bubbles amongst false teeth
effort evident to unleash meat
that cleaves to places unforeseen
but desired
oh for so long
over prolonged
dangled over denial
mangled composure
temple tunes
have become the blues
cpt… caribbean people terms
impressive the stoic now yearns
resistance is futile
borg bonk 69th percentile
puerile prehensile
strangling simian tail
spider monkey backed
spiritual no tat
pivotal throwback
to prior to programming
shift to embracing
what i once was holding in
in soaring eagles embrace whole skies
to cling to one cloud is to plummet and die
no shaking the spear over here
poised to chuck and hit several select targets
plentiful palette the lover of artists
filled with invisible inspiration
inevident ’till put into action
then it flows this favored interaction
this thought process this intense passion
for paths and pages
the math of sages
the tracks of the ageless
undisturbed detected but deferred
for my inner meter
that only I read but I share the report
as I develop a spiritual rapport
with what supports the beat of this heart
bootstrap… davey jones
deep thoughts the glory road
author was once the lowly toad
excalibur is the name of my chosen sword
to chop the heads of snakes gravediggas record…
creator namer winged healed submariner
unmasked water breather
new life no deceiver
just uplifting demeanor
internal screenplay screener
spiritual palette cleaner
refreshment dispenser
request no coins or bills
but coin phrases that build
monuments for this chief corner stone
to adorn and complete…
your rejecting me was destiny
your neglecting me made me invest in me…
and cultivate the best of me
so your cursing me helped my blessing be
when I turned from you and back to me….
last laugh for me revealing facts unseen
last lap for me circular paths I leave
in favor of the life i’m destined to lead
no illusory freedom granted i take it i’m freed
by Me.
Daiikiru Akasha Maximillion.

Rain Drop

breathe on the dice
believe what you like
as for me into the stream i will dive
for no particular purpose
except it feels like its right
to explore the depths
accessible to me at anytime
and in any place
to take me away
from the confines of time and space
to the simple essence
the lines from which i’m traced
and colored in by interaction
with the creations of my race
then framed and hung
in the gallery for all to judge love or hate
so i think it’s only right that i seek my other face
the one behind the additives
the one i didn’t make
the one that can’t be distinguished
like a single drop of rain
hurtling to fruition
without fear of dissolution
it is what it does
what it does is its fate
serene and resting
like a mountain
the well spring of life
love’s fountain
drop three coins
cease your counting
and plotting and efforts to
control outcomes through aggression
sit at the feet of your innate divinity
silence is the lesson
Errol Percival Jr.